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Meet Kirsty


I'm an islander originally from Kingston, Jamaica, and now I live in Texas with my husband, two teenagers, and two fur babies. I love spending time with my family, doing yoga, gardening, being in nature, art, and traveling.


I am incredibly passionate about health and wellness and have learned a lot through 20 years


my personal and professional journey. I have worked in the health and wellness industry


I love to share my knowledge about yoga, yoga therapy, personal training, nutrition, integrative wellness coaching, and more.

For the past as an occupational therapist, yoga teacher & therapist, certified personal trainer, and integrative wellness coach. 


My mission is to help those I work with find the best health possible, and I would love to work with you to help you meet your wellness goals so that you can flourish in mind, body, and spirit.

In my personal journey with wellness, like many mothers, I have experienced the struggle of balancing everything and trying to make wellness a priority. It was hard but I found that balance is a process, and my wellness journey taught me that (like the oxygen mask metaphor implies) we must first care for ourselves to care for our loved ones fully. 

My professional experience with wellness occurred during my career as an occupational therapist, where I worked in various medical rehabilitation settings, including acute care, skilled nursing, long-term acute care, and home health. 


In all of those settings, the patients that I saw suffered from preventable chronic diseases, such as obesity, asthma, heart/cardiovascular issues, pulmonary (lung) diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, digestive problems, arthritis, and skin issues.


It was heartbreaking to see patients readmitted to the hospital for the same issues over and over as their symptoms worsened for something that could have been prevented.

I felt that the missing component for them to get well again was to make health-focused lifestyle changes -- but they often lacked the guidance and experience to make these changes happen long term. 


I wanted more for my patients, my family, my friends, and myself. And have devoted my career to using my experiences to prevent these diseases and encourage wellness.

My work is a blend of using my knowledge from the medical world and applying it to prevention and wellness. Through Flourish, I am excited to share what I have learned with others through teaching yoga, fitness, and wellness coaching.

​I have a special place in my heart for working in women's wellness because I understand the instinct to put others' needs before your own. I look forward to guiding my clients so they are able to achieve optimal health and wellness through self-care. 

I genuinely believe that when we as women can care for ourselves, we FLOURISH in mind, body, and spirit, which creates a ripple effect that benefits our loved ones and our community and ultimately makes the world a better place! 

Best health always,


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