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Integrative Wellness Coaching


The Bloom Package

  • Thrive in mind, body, and spirit with this 6-month transformation program that allows time to make sustainable life changes needed to find optimal health.


  • I am here to help you find wellness with a program tailored to your needs. Throughout your time with me, you will address aspects of your life that are key to improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in mind, body, and spirit.


  • The Bloom Sessions include:

  • having a free 30-minute consultation

  • meeting once a week for 6 months (24 weeks) in person, virtually, or hybrid

  • Having unlimited text/email support

  • Initial assessments to establish your baseline and eight 4-week re-assessments to see progress along the way

  • Setting long and short-term attainable goals

  • Developing an individualized wellness pathway

  • Stay accountable with weekly accountability Monday morning check-ins

  • Establishing healthy lifestyle habits and routines

  • Maintaining a sustainable movement routine that includes strengthening, balance, flexibility, and breathwork

  • Incorporate nutritious, clean, whole (unprocessed foods), hydration, and meal planning that emphasizes whole foods and hydration

  • Implement relaxation techniques for reduced stress and better sleep

  • If you are interested in learning more about Integrative Coaching Sessions, schedule your Free 30 - minute Free Wellness Consultation with me today.

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